Our Founder


Prof. Jeffrey Phoenix HUI (凌羽一老師)

Managing Director, InnoSights Limited

Chairperson, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing

EdD (Cand) (Bristol), EMBA (CUHK), MA (HKU), BBA (Hons) (CUHK)



Prof. Jeffrey Phoenix Hui, a leading strategic i-Marketing expert in the region, is currently Managing Director of InnoSights Limited and Chairperson of Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM). He is the founder of the “Purple Oceans Strategy”, a strategic brand building model synergizing Chinese and Western management wisdom. With over a decade of marketing, consulting, management and training experience, Jeffrey specializes in “Strategic Brand Management”, “Strategic i-Marketing (Digital and Social Media Marketing)”, “Strategic Marketing”, “Strategic Salesmanship” and “Consumer Insights”.


As a well-rounded marketing and training professional, Jeffrey served at various top-notch business, media and educational organizations, including Procter & Gamble (P&G), Cathy Pacific Airways (CX), Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and King’s Glory Education (KGE).


Jeffrey has keen interest in the research of business theories and practices. Since 2002, he has been conducting extensive face-to-face interviews of over 1,000 reputed CEOs, business and community leaders from a wide range of fields in Hong Kong and the Greater China. Added to this, Jeffrey has contributed articles on strategies, marketing and branding as columnist in various newspapers, magazines and social media, including “Hong Kong Economic Journal” (《信報》), “Hong Kong Headline Daily” (《頭條日報》), “Master Insight” (灼見名家) i-Marketers” (營銷人) and “Marketing Excellence” published by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM). He has co-hosted a series of radio program on Strategic Marketing and i-Marketing for the Finance channel of Metro Radio Hong Kong (新城電臺).


Jeffrey has also authored and co-authored several top-selling books on branding, marketing, strategies and management, including:

  • Winning Marketing Strategies The 50 Marketing and Branding Cases (《贏銷策略 ── 打造品牌必讀50例》), etPRess (經濟日報出版社) (2012)
  • Talk with CEOs Interviews of 30 Top Senior Executives in Hong Kong (《商識滿天下 ── 香港商管翹楚30訪》), Sing Tao Publishing Limited (星島出版社) (2013)
  • Let Our Brands FLY!-The Winning Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies (《讓品牌「飛」!── 策略社交媒體、網絡營銷實戰秘笈》), etPress (經濟日報出版社) (2014 )
    • *NO. 1 Finance and Business Category Bestseller at Eslite (誠品書店)
    • *The 1st Publishing on Strategic Digital and Social Media Marketing in Hong Kong
  • “Super Brand Links! – The Winning Strategies of 10 Top Marketers in The Greater China” (《品牌超連結──十大Marketers成功實學》), etPress (經濟日報出版社) (2016)
    • * NO.1 Finance and Business Category Bestseller at Eslite (誠品書店) / Business and Management Bestseller at The Commercial Press(商務印書館)



Apart from these, Jeffrey has also lectured at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Chu Hai College, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) and The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). Delivering an outstanding level of teaching and training quality, he was elected as “The Best Lecturer of the Year” (ranked 1st among 104 university lecturers). In 2016, Jeffrey is appointed as Adjunct Professor in Marketing by Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College.


As an experienced marketing and training consultant, Jeffrey has been invited to conduct a vast range of training, workshops and talks (over 1,000 sessions) and to provide consulting services to various high-profile corporations, universities and tertiary institutions, and other non-profit-making organizations, including: Google, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Gillette, Venus, GSK, 3M, Pfizer, Nestle, HSBC, UBS, Deloitte, Cathay Pacific, Inchcape, New World Group, etc


As a passionate business and marketing professional, Jeffrey has been striving his best to help enhance the professionalism of the business and marketing fields and currently has served as:


  • Chairperson, Executive Council, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM)
  • Council Member and Honorary Secretary, Continuing Professional Development Alliance (CPD Alliance)
  • Final Jury, Effie Awards (Greater China)
  • Vice President, ECI Awards (Greater China)
  • Final Judge, Yahoo! Big Chair Awards
  • Founding Chairperson, The Phoenix Chamber (Charitable Institution: 91/1314)
  • Founding Chairperson, Phoenix Toastmasters Club
  • Founding Chairperson, Hong Kong Business Leaders Programme (HKBLP)
  • Founding President and Chief Convener, New Digital Eco-system Alliance (NDEA)
  • Chief Convener, “Everyone Learns Marketing”
  • Chairperson, “Big Data – To Infinity and Beyond” – EMBA Annual Conference 2015, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


In appreciation to his continuous leadership, efforts and contributions in business education and community services, Jeffrey was granted the “6th Young Leaders Award” by the JCI Harbour in 2012and The Chung Chi Academic Creativity Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2005.